Roam Translation Tool - Sample Tasks

Refuel your Roam revenues


Here are a few sample RTT tasks to give you a quick look at tasks that are easily executed with the RTT.

This information-and much more-is included in the user manual for this tool.


Lucent RTT Sample Tasks

  • A quick Audit of Roam forms
  • Delete Roam forms from the database
  • Optimize the Roam database
  • Compare two systems' Nnbr database
  • View Scheduled/Executed scripts
  • Query Roam Form Wizard


Nortel RTT Sample Tasks

  • Auditing MSCIDRTE records
  • Compare MTXs
  • MTX Data Collection Wizard
  • Tracing SYSCON records
  • View Scheduled/Executed scripts
  • Editing SERVCHNG records
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