Enhanced LTE Tool

Reduce Time-to-Market for LTE

Enhanced LTE Tool (ELTE) for Ericsson ERBS provides operators with an overview of ERBS data from your entire network. View, audit, compare and make massive ERBS updates easier than ever before. Bring your LTE network to the market faster, keep it optimized and efficient.

This simple to use, user-friendly and highly flexible tool can make any engineer as good as your best performance and network engineers. The Data Collection Wizard configures itself and allows you to collect data on demand or schedule nightly data collections from multiple OSSs, hundreds of markets and thousands of ERBSs.

Ericsson ELTE is fully compatible with Ericsson ERBS nodes in any LTE network and supports both GSM/UMTS and CDMA/CDMA2000 standards.


Top ELTE Features:

    Access Every ERBS:

    View ERBS data from every OSS and Market in one location for a large scale overview of your network data. Perform bulk comparisons to ensure data consistency throughout the entire network.

    Automatic Data Collections:

    Scheduled or on-demand data collections can be performed for any number of Ericsson ERBS network elements.

    Single and Multi-Market Table Views:

    ELTE offers specialized spreadsheet-style windows for all available ERBS classes, with options for sorting, analyzing and editing configuration data from one or more nodes.

    Data Comparison:

    User-defined comparisons can be made between classes from any number of ERBS nodes, or even against historical data, and can be displayed within a single spreadsheet-style window.

    Bulk Comparison:

    Bulk comparison allows you to compare selected attributes from any or all required classes against accurate reference data, ensuring that every ERBS follows the recommended configuration.

    Query Tables:

    Powerful and intuitive query functions allow you to pinpoint and isolate the data you need in record time. Wizard assisted queries can be saved and used again for any ERBS, at any time.

    Auto-Configure ERBS Connections:

    ELTE automatically discovers and configures connection details for every ERBS configured in any OSS, saving valuable engineering time.

    Edit/Update Data:

    Configuration data editing functionality with automatic script generation capabilities are available for configuring and applying ERBS updates.

    Historical Data:

    Database backups are made available for comparison, analysis and roll-back of configuration data.

    User Authorization:

    All 3D Cellular tools have built-in safeguards and protocols to prevent unauthorized access to network elements.

    Customize Table View:

    Move, Show/Hide and Pin Columns, ELTE allows you customize the table views

    Automatic ERBS Class Configuration:

    ELTE automatically configures ERBS class definitions by importing the ERBS Node Model. This makes it easy to adapt to new ERBS software releases in no time.


      Easy Viewing of Managed Objects

      ERBS data from multiple OSSs is automatically collected when the network is quietest and displayed in a spreadsheet style window for maximum clarity. Powerful sorting and querying functions allow you to view the data any way you want. You can hide, reorder or pin columns to the sides to create custom views. Easily modify attribute values using familiar commands—Find, Replace, Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste.


      Making Large Scale Changes

      ELTE’s most useful and timesaving feature is its ability to make large-scale changes. Simply edit your data and the tool will automatically generate the relevant AMOS commands. ELTE will connect to the OSS, where the commands can be automatically executed to make changes to any connected ERBS, maximizing your efficiency. The generated commands can be used for any and all other ERBS nodes that require the update. Changes that previously took hours now only take minutes! Accuracy is also improved, as these changes do not have to be input by hand. Best of all, ELTE covers every step of the process so you no longer have to work with multiple programs to get the job done.


      Enhanced LTE at a Glance
      • Offers a time-saving, global view of ERBS data, from a single class to an entire network (multiple markets and OSSs).
      • No need to convert XML files to Excel and back again. Data collection, views, queries, audits, edits and updates, together in a common interface.
      • Massive updates made easy. Any changes made to one ERBS can easily be made across an entire market.
      • Any engineer can be as good as your best network engineers. The 3D Graphical User Interface is intuitive and easy to learn, eliminating the need to learn complex commands for different network elements and tools.
      • Simple to produce sophisticated reports. Easily customizable views as well as powerful, user-friendly queries let you create reports almost effortlessly.
      • Less configuration, more productivity. Automatic configuration means never having to spend time manually entering IP addresses.


        ELTE is the most powerful way to work with multiple ERBS Managed Objects in multiple markets

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        • Screenshots (coming soon): View select images from the Enhanced LTE Tool's intuitive and user-friendly GUI interface.


        Recommended 3D Cellular Server available
          • 2.80Ghz Intel Xeon Processor or similar
          • 250 GB hard drive
          • 6 GB RAM
          • Microsoft Windows Server Standard Edition 2008 R2 or higher
          • Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2008 or higher