Audit Services

3D Cellular offers mobile operators auditing of routing, configuration and other network data. With 15 years of experience, and an international team of experts that is second to none, 3D Cellular provides quick and accurate audit results at an excellent value. Our current clients report savings in the millions and significant improvements in customer satisfaction. Why not join them?

Challenges for the mobile operator

3D Cellular has the answer to challenges faced by carriers such as:

  • Inaccurate data resulting in valuable revenues lost
  • Avoiding customer dissatisfaction and churn due to failed calls
  • Errors, human or otherwise, are inevitable and frequent
  • Accumulation of unnecessary data
  • Network data analysis can be time-consuming and reduce productivity
  • Difficult to monitor and evaluate Managed Services activities and performance


Benefits of the audits
  • Prevention of revenue leakage through optimized routing and charging parameters
  • Reduction of failed call connections
  • Improved performance resulting in fewer support calls
  • Greater customer satisfaction and reduced churn
  • Prevention of roaming subscribers failing to access network
  • Clarity of network data makes network easier to understand and manage
  • Better supervision of Managed Services activities
  • Smoother roll-outs of new switches or new features
  • Prevention of non-registered subscribers accessing network


Audit Scope

The audit service that 3D Cellular proposes to Mobile Operators is designed to identify MSC and MSC-S configuration misalignments. Both Inter-MSC and Intra-MSC audits are provided, with an emphasis on customer affecting and revenue affecting parameters. Additional audits may be requested.

The purpose of these audits is to:

  • identify faults to be corrected
  • identify areas where faults may occur for proactive prevention
  • identify unnecessary data for clean-up and better management

The 3D Cellular service includes:

  • full reporting of identified faults
  • expert analysis of the risks for each fault category
  • recommendations to resolve faults
  • corrective scripts where applicable


Free Sample Audit

Let us show you how we can help your network with a hassle-free trial audit:

  1. Join us in a web-demo and see the kind of results we can provide
  2. Submit a sample of your network data for analysis
  3. 3D Cellular will provide an audit report, at no charge, with a sample of the errors found
  4. A complete audit report will be available for a fee


Join our network of satisfied customers

In today’s increasingly competitive wireless marketplace, building a reputation on call quality and reliable service is essential for continued success. Some of the world’s top telecommunication companies have benefited from 3D Cellular’s extensive skills and experience.

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