Cellular Network Consulting

3D Cellular offers solutions for wireless and PCS service providers to help cure engineering and system efficiency problems and to get their systems and staff working more efficiently than ever.

Cellular / telephony expertise
  • Overall system design
  • Dxdroute database optimization
  • ECP, system 85 DCS & #5ESS trunk administration & maintenance
  • Cellular networking via IS41, SS-7 TCAP, DMX & EFTN SCN
  • SS-7 ISUP/PSTN interface via #5ESS or System 85 DCS
  • System technician training, informal technical training

The following services are available via on-site visits or remote dial-ups
  • System troubleshooting and problem-solving scenarios, tech support
  • Roam database administration/coordination
  • Dxdroute/Call routing database administration

Software development expertise
  • UNIX, VMS, Windows 2000 and XP, WinNT operating systems
  • Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle databases
  • Microsoft Visual C++, Java, and Visual Basic programming languages
  • TCP/IP, ISDN, OSI, SS#7 LAN/WAN protocols