Mass Update Tool

See every Alcatel-Lucent ECP database

The 3D Cellular Mass Update Tool (MUT) is a powerful program that allows any engineer to view and manage all Alcatel-Lucent databases without specialized Unix expertise.

The Mass Update Tool also helps the user manage all remaining databases not covered by 3D Cellular's Digit or Roam Translation Tool software. This means your customers will experience 100% service coverage. This unprecedented increase in productivity will take place in the background while your senior engineers spend their valuable time on bigger issues.


Alcatel-Lucent Databases - All tables

Database Compatibility: Access


Top MUT Features
  • Wizard Assisted Queries guides user in creating or modifying queries
  • Edit Query Output lets user make changes to query output & update ECP in minutes
  • Import Query Output imports the DBsurvey output saved on OMP when last run
  • Script creates trouble-free, tool-generated Apxrcv scripts
  • View Configured Lucent Table displays all configured Lucent tables
  • Import Lucent Table imports complete Lucent table from 3D Cellular support file
  • Modify Lucent Table Fields easily updates existing tables from new Alcatel-Lucent releases
  • Virtual Terminal allows access to a virtual terminal for OMP connection
  • File Transfer uploads files to the OMP using MUT's FTP protocol
  • Collect Field Names of all Lucent Tables collects all field names using DBsurvey


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