LERG View Tool

Reduces customer pressure without adding to your workload


In Alcatel-Lucent environments, 3D Cellular offers a number of software tools including our Digit Translation Tool (DTT) to expedite and even anticipate customer connection problems. Within DTT, 3D Cellular has developed a unique solution to the problem of combining LERG information with a digit-by-digit database. In just one screen, an engineer can see both routing and LERG data combined. Amazing!

Now 3D Cellular is pleased to introduce a standalone LERG View Tool (LVT) for non-Lucent environments. This smart tool can update monthly Dxdroute tables in minutes. In five simultaneously open windows, our LERG View Tool provides all the essential LERG information to the translation engineer. Roaming and routing databases can be viewed together, increasing your productivity.

3D Cellular's LERG View Tool is fully compatible with MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases. The LERG View Tool has undergone more than 10 years of real-world implementation. Database conversions to and from all industry standard databases, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson and Nokia, have been fully tested and proven to work flawlessly in real-world applications.


LERG Tables*

Destination Code Switch Homing Arrangements Actual Switch ID Country Code Assignment
Host LRN Information NPA Information OCN / Company Name
Point Code Information Test Line Num    

* Database Compatibility: Access, SQL, Oracle


Top LVT Features

  • Least Cost Routing Wizard lets you query the LERG databases with exempt routing information
  • Query DCode, SHA and LRN lets you query a LERG database for specific Npa/Nxx and LATA
  • Menu button lets you sort and get records using specific parameters
  • View each LERG Table in its own window
  • View all LERG Tables on the same screen
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