Retrieve query output


Mass Update Tool stores the last edited query output per ECP. You can retrieve the last edited query output to create a script and update the switch database.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start MUT and select an ECP in the ECP List Box .
  2. From the Query List Box , select ceqcom2_ddtvr_rtu_c .
  3. View the last edited output by opening the Edit Query Output window, using one of these 3 methods: (1) click Edit Query Output on MUT toolbar, (2) select Edit > Edit Query Output , or (3) type Ctrl + D .
  4. Create an apxrcv script by clicking Script -MUT brings up the View/Edit apxrcv Script window with the script needed to update the switch.
  5. In the ECP List Box , select the ECP where you want the apxrcv script to download.
  6. Click Connect -MUT opens a Telnet session to the selected ECP and brings up the Virtual Terminal window.
  7. As the OMP prompts you, enter your User ID, Login and Password.
  8. You should be at the OMP shell prompt $ -if the OMP prompts you with a menu, select the option Miscellaneous... from the Lucent menu and at the sub-menu select OMP Shell .
  9. Click on the View/Edit apxrcv Script window to bring it to the front.
  10. Click Execute -MUT executes the apxrcv script and updates the switch by sending the script line by line to the OMP. Monitor the progress of the download on the Virtual Terminal window.
  11. Click Done to close the Virtual Terminal window.
  12. In the View/Edit apxrcv Script window, click Outcome to view the result of the script or click Done to close the Script window.
  13. Click Done on the Edit Query Output window to close it.
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