Modify the Apxrcv script for query


If you get an error message after running a script, you'll want to correct the script. In this task we show you how to modify the script to correct the error caused by the field qbypat that is empty.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start MUT and select an ECP in the ECP List Box .
  2. From the Query List Box , select dplan_calltyp_destx .
  3. Click Edit > Apxrcv Script (or Ctrl + S )-MUT brings up the script for dplan_calltyp_destx query output in the View/ Edit apxrcv Script window.
  4. In the row right under the first u , highlight [space]qbypat=[space] then click Edit > Replace... or right-click the mouse and select Replace... -MUT brings up the Script-Find & Replace dialog box.
  5. Make sure that the Find What area is populated with the highlighted selection in Step 4. If not, type in [space]qbypat=[space] .
  6. Leave the Replace with area empty to eliminate this field from the script; click Replace -MUT replaces [space]qbypat=[space] with a space in the script, and finds the next [space]qbypat=[space] .
  7. Click Replace All if you want MUT to change all incidences of-MUT replaces all incidences of [space]qbypat=[space] automatically.
  8. When all changes are done, close the dialog box and click Connect -MUT opens a Telnet session to the selected ECP and brings up the Virtual Terminal window.
  9. Note : You must execute the script immediately-closing the Script window will lose all changes to the script-MUT only stores the original script.
  10. As the OMP prompts you, enter your User ID, Login and Password.
  11. You should be at the OMP shell prompt $ -if the OMP prompts you with a menu, select the option Miscellaneous... from the Lucent menu and at the sub-menu select OMP Shell .
  12. Click anywhere on the View/Edit apxrcv Script window to bring it to the front.
  13. Click Execute -MUT executes the apxrcv script and updates the switch by sending the script line by line to the OMP and you can monitor the progress of the download on the Virtual Terminal window.
  14. Click Done to close the Virtual Terminal window.
  15. On the View/Edit apxrcv Script window, click Outcome to view the result of the script or click Done to close the window.
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