Create a table following an Alcatel-Lucent software release


When Alcatel-Lucent comes out with a new release, you'll need to configure new tables for those that have been changed to update your system's tables. In this task we show you how to do this easily by using the Configured Lucent Tables option of the Lucent Tables command.


Follow these steps:


  1. Start MUT and select an ECP from the ECP List Box.
  2. Click Lucent Tables (or Alt + L ) > Configured Lucent Tables -MUT opens the Configured Lucent Tables window.
  3. Click on the table cell2 for ECP Rel. 15, and then click Duplicate Table -MUT brings up the Define a new table dialog box with the information for the existing cell2 table, ECP Rel. 15.
  4. Change the ECP Release to 16 then click Insert -MUT inserts a new table cell2 ECP Rel. 16 into the list of tables in the Configured Lucent Tables window and automatically brings up the Modify Lucent Table Fields window.
  5. Modify the fields that have been changed using the Lucent documentation.
  6. When you're done click Done -MUT automatically saves all changes and closes the Modify Lucent Table Fields window.
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