Compare query output


In this task we'll illustrate how to work with two query outputs, from the same query but different ECPs. This makes it easy to compare data from two ECPs for a particular table.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start MUT and select an ECP in the ECP List Box .
  2. From the Query List Box , select ceqcom2_ddtvr_rtu_c .
  3. View the last edited output, by opening the Edit Query Output window, using one of these 3 methods: (1) click Edit Query Output on MUT toolbar, (2) select Edit > Edit Query Output , or (3) type Ctrl + D .
  4. Select another ECP in the ECP List Box .
  5. Repeat step 3.
  6. Click Window > Tile Horizontally- MUT fills the screen, arranging the 2 windows one above the other.
  7. In each window , select Menu > Get Distinct... > rtu_c -MUT displays in each window one form for each rtu_c status ( e , u , g ).
  8. In each window , select Menu > Get All... > rtu_c = e -MUT displays in each window all forms with equipped ( e ) rtu_c 's.
  9. In each window , click a cell in the ddtvr column, and select Menu > Sort selected column ascending -MUT sorts the output in each window in ascending order by the ddtvr column.
  10. In each window , highlight the first 10 rows, review and compare them, then select Menu > Print selected row(s) -MUT prints out the selected rows for each ECP.
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