Update DPlan Wizard



3D Cellular has developed a wizard, allowing local DPlans to be audited using the most up to date information provided from the LERG database. Auditing local DPlans require you to enter certain information for the wizard to determine and run exactly what needs (or does not need) to be audited from the LERG such as LATA, Npa, Local DPlan and Rate Center values.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Start the Lucent Digit Translation Tool and select an ECP in the ECP List Box.
  2. Select Misc > Audit / Update Dial Plan Routings...-the Update DPlan Wizard will open.
  3. Select For [ECP Name], list new, modified or deleted local routings from LERG.
  4. Enter LATA (one per row) and DPlan information. By default, Lucent DTT searches for all Npa and RC ABBRE if none are entered.
  5. For a more complex audit, use the Add row to grid below button to add more information.
  6. Once all information is entered in this screen, press Next> to run the audit—Nortel DTT displays the results of the audit in the List of new, modified or deleted local routings from LERG window, showing all updated information and changes made to the local routings using current Npa/Nxx's from the latest LERG CD.
  7. Note the Status column for records that have been newly entered (E), modified (M) or deleted (D). Using the local command buttons you can print records (Print button) or use the Menu button to manipulate the records or copy to the clipboard.

For more information or other features of this wizard, refer to the User's Manual.

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