Schedule Data Collection

To schedule collections or imports on single or multiple MTXs:

  1. Select Schedule > MTX Data Collection Wizard for the first wizard screen.
  2. Select Update Data from MTX (Collect) (to schedule a data collection) or Update from Collected Data (Import) (to schedule an import)
  3. Click Next> for the second wizard screen.
  4. Choose to either schedule all tables (Select All button) or specific tables (checking the boxes) from the list or Select All and deselecting tables you do NOT want to schedule). Once the tables to be scheduled are selected, click Next> for the third screen.
  5. Select which DMS-MTX systems to collect data from (using the Select All button or checking the boxes for specific systems); Next> for the fourth wizard screen.
  6. This is where you type in a description of the task you are scheduling as well as select the interval for when the task is to run.
  7. Once a description is entered and the interval selected, press Next> for the final Data Collection Wizard screen. What appears on this screen will vary depending on the interval chosen for the task.
  8. Here choose the frequency for the task to run.
  9. Click on Finish to finalize and save the scheduled task.

The Scheduled Tasks window will appear, listing all scheduled tasks, including the one you just scheduled.

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