How to Update the PN Table with Local Npa/Nxx's

The Update DPlan Wizard enables you to update the tables in local and long distance dial plans, country codes and the Pn Table.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Start the Lucent Digit Translation Tool and select an ECP in the ECP List Box.f
  2. Click Misc > Update Dial Plan Routings-Lucent DTT displays the Update DPlan Wizard window.
  3. Choose the second option Update the Pn Table with local Npa/Nxx's.
  4. Click Next to enter the LATA and Npa that contain the tables you want to update.
  5. Enter 336 into the LATA field and 317 into the Npa field.
  6. Click Next to enter any Npa/Nxx's you to not want to update.
  7. If there are any Npa/Nxx's you do not want to update, enter them in the Exempt Npa/Nxx table.
  8. Click Next To select the type of audit you want to perform.
  9. Choose the second option on the final screen, Perform a complete audit on Pn Table using LERG database.
  10. Click Finish to perform the audit.
  11. The Edit Pn Table window is displayed containing all tables to be changed.
  12. Click Script to create an apxrcv script.
  13. Click Connect on the Pn Script window to connect to the Virtual Terminal.
  14. When the Virtual Terminal window is displayed, enter your username and password. Press Enter.
  15. After successfully logging on to the Virtual Terminal, click Execute Script to run the script.
  16. If there is an Npa/Nxx in the Edit window that you do not want to update, re-open the wizard and enter the Npa/Nxx in the Exempt Npa/Nxx table.
  17. Close the Edit window and re-run the audit. The next time you do a similar audit, Npa-Nxx's in the Exempt Npa/Nxx table will not be included.
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