Editing with Nortel DTT


Using the OFRT Table as an example, this task will show you how to edit any of the call processing tables using the Nortel DTT Edit feature.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Start the Nortel Digit Translation Tool and select an MTX in the MTX List Box.
  2. Click the OFRT button on the toolbar-Nortel DTT displays the OFRT Table.
  3. Select RTESEL from the Key field selector, and from the Left grid, click on N. The main grid will display all RTESEL=N records.
  4. Locate a desired CLLI value by clicking Menu > Sort, Get All or Get Distinct.
  5. Identify and select (highlight) the desired CLLI value.
  6. Click Edit > [Action] Selected OFRT(s)-Nortel DTT copies the selected OFRT records(s) into the Edit OFRT Table window. Any changes to any of the OFRT records(s) can be done in the Edit window.
  7. If you wish to clone, update or delete other OFRT records, repeat steps 1 through 6, selecting more OFRT records. The Edit OFRT Table will remain in the background, adding your edits to the list.
  8. Once all edits have been selected, return to the Edit OFRT Table. To create a script for the edits click the local Script button-Nortel DTT displays the script in OFRT Script window (if the Script button is not visible, expand the window). The script can be modified by typing in this window.
  9. To execute the script immediately, do the following:
    1. In the MTX List Box, select the MTX to download the script.
    2. Click the Connect button on the OFRT Script window-Nortel DTT opens a telnet session to the selected MTX and brings up the Virtual Terminal window.
    3. Enter the user ID, login and password.
    4. At the MTX shell prompt $ select the option Miscellaneous and at the sub-menu select MTX Shell from the Nortel menu.
    5. Execute the script directly from the Virtual Terminal window using the Execute Script button. This eliminates the need to return to the OFRT Script, although you can do so, by selecting the Execute button. Nortel DTT executes the script and updates the switch by sending the script line by line to the MTX and you can monitor the progress of the download on the Virtual Terminal window.
    6. Click Done to close the Virtual Terminal window.
    7. On the OFRT Script window, click Outcome to view the result of the script or click Done to close the window.
  10. To Schedule the script to be executed at a later time and/or day, do the following:
    1. In the MTX List Box select the MTX to which you want to download the script.
    2. Click the Schedule button on the OFRT Script window-Nortel DTT opens the Schedule Script dialog window.
    3. Using the up and down arrows, choose the time and day for when you want the script to execute.
    4. Enter your User Id and Password in the MTX login and choose your MTX Menu option; if you want the scheduler to log into the MTX and execute the script, enter your User Id and Password in the MTX login.
    5. Click Schedule-Nortel DTT changes the window header to read Schedule Script ([Name] MTX Scheduled).
    6. Click Done-Nortel DTT will execute the changes at the scheduled time and day.
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