Customizing Nortel DTT Toolbar


To change the default Toolbar and include some of the DMS-MTX Tables that you use most often as buttons, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Configure > Customize Toolbar-DTT opens the Customize Toolbar window with areas for the Top Toolbar and the Second Toolbar both of which include 2 lists: Available Buttons and Toolbar Buttons.
  2. First customize the Top Toolbar: scroll down the list of Available Buttons and select one that you wish to add; then in the Toolbar Buttons list choose where you want the new button to appear by selecting the button in front of which you want it inserted.
  3. Click Add button >>-the button appears immediately where you chose. If you did not choose a button in the Toolbar button list, the new button is placed last on the toolbar.
  4. To adjust the position of a Toolbar Button, select it than move it up or down the list by clicking the Up or Down button-DTT moves it immediately on the toolbar.
  5. To remove any button from the Top Toolbar, select any button in the Toolbar Buttons list, then simply click << Remove button DTT removes it from the toolbar and puts it last in the Available Buttons List.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you're satisfied with the Top Toolbar.
  7. To customize the Second Toolbar: repeat the same procedure.
  8. When you are finished making changes click Done to close the window.

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