Compare Two Dial Plan patterns


The Lucent Digit Translation Tool has a special dialog box to compare two dial plan patterns from the same ECP or two different ECPs. Lucent DTT finds the patterns that are missing or extra in the secondary dial plan, then opens the Edit DPlan Table window. It is then copied to the DPlan tables that should be added to or deleted from the secondary ECP's dial plan.

Follow the steps below. (Note: To see how this task is done, play the task in the CD-ROM multimedia presentation).

  1. From the menu bar, select Misc > Compare Dial Plans-The Lucent DTT brings up the Compare Dial Plans dialog box.
  2. Select a Master ECP in the window's Master ECP List Box and enter a DPlan value in the Master DPlan box.
  3. Select a Secondary ECP in the window's Secondary ECP List Box (it can be the same ECP as the Master or a different one), and enter a value for the Secondary DPlan.
  4. Click Compare-the differences between the two DPlans are displayed in the Edit DPlan Table window. If no differences are found, a dialog box will appear indicating so.
  5. After verifying the differences, from the Edit window, an apxrcv script can be created and then generate a tg generated.
  6. Verify the accuracy of the scripts just created, then select in the Lucent DTT ECP List Box the ECP to which you wish to download the scripts.
  7. Click Connect on the Script window and login to OMP. You should be at the OMP shell prompt $.
  8. Then click Execute. You can monitor the apxrcv script as it is being downloaded to the ECP in the Virtual Terminal window.
  9. To schedule the created scripts, simply click the Schedule button of the Script window.

For complete instructions on scheduling a script, refer to Scheduling an apxrcv script for later execution in the User's Manual. Remember to always generate a Tg to properly finish changes and addition to DPlans.

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