Backup the Main Database


Periodic backups of the main database can be scheduled and backed up as needed. Nortel DTT allows enabling and disabling the periodic database backup. The database backup can be scheduled to occur every day or every number of days. Nortel DTT keeps a number of databases backed up at any time (deletes the out-of-date databases).

Verify that there is enough hard disk space in the Share directory, before enabling the scheduler to backup the main database. Nortel DTTs main database could be very large, depending on the number of configured MTXs (approximately 1.3 Mbytes/MTX).

Follow the steps below:

  1. Start the Nortel Digit Translation Tool (Admin) and select an MTX in the MTX List Box.
  2. To backup the main database as needed, click File > Archive > Main Database-Nortel DTT does it immediately.
  3. To schedule periodic backups, click Configure > Backup Main Database-Nortel DTT brings up Configure Database Backup dialog box.
  4. To enable periodic backups, simply check the Enable check box.
  5. Enter a number for Backup every [X] days and Number of backups to keep at any time.
  6. Click OK-to complete the scheduling of the main database backup. Nortel DTT will back up the main database as scheduled, at night after the data collections.
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