Supported Manufacturers

  • Ribbon 
  • Oracle 
  • Ericsson 
  • BroadSoft  
  • Huawei 
  • Nokia  
  • Samsung 
  • Nortel (Ericsson) 

Welcome to 3D Cellular

3D Cellular is committed to developing the best and most current automation software for today's evolving mobile telecommunications networks.

We specialize in software tools designed by engineers for engineers, providing the most rapid, precise and efficient user interface available for collecting, analyzing and updating network data from Ribbon, Oracle, Ericsson, Nokia, Nortel (Ericsson) and Samsung wireless switches as well as other network elements.

3D Cellular tools can provide significant cost savings by facilitating and even automating many repetitive and time-consuming data management tasks, allowing engineers to focus on more important aspects of network operations. Past experience has proven that these savings will quickly cover the cost of the software and provide an ongoing return on your investment for years to come.

Our flagship products, Advance OSS for Session Border Controllers and Session Routers, Advance TAS Audit System, Digit Translation Tool, Roam Translation Tool, Media Gateway Tool and Enhanced LTE solution,were developed in collaboration with industry professionals throughout North America and the EU and are deployed for some of the world's leading wireless service providers.

After years of providing high-quality products and dependable service, 3D Cellular is known around the world for excellence and reliability.

Benefits and Features:

  • Automated Data Collections
  • Single and Multi-Switch Table Views
  • Compare, Query and Trace
  • Edit Network Data
  • Automatic Script Generation
  • Standardized GUI

Wireless Services

Optimize your wireless network performance with 3D Cellular's database management solutions.