View query output


In this task we'll illustrate how to work with the query output, how to find particular fields and how to list them. You'll work with the field rtu_c that can have one of the 3 following values: e for equipped, u for unequipped and g for growth.

Follow these steps:

  1. Start MUT and select an ECP in the ECP List Box .
  2. From the Query List Box , select ceqcom2_ddtvr_rtu_c query .
  3. View the last edited output, by opening the Edit Query Output window, using one of these 3 methods: (1) click Edit Query Output on the vertical toolbar, (2) select Edit > Edit Query Output , or (3) type Ctrl + D .
  4. Select (highlight) a cell in the ddtvr column.
  5. Right-click on the cell for Menu options or click the Menu button.
  6. Choose Get Distinct... > rtu_c -MUT displays one form for each value of rtu_c in the output.
  7. Locate rtu_c = e and select (highlight) it.
  8. Right-click on the cell for Menu options or click the Menu button.
  9. Select Get All... > rtu_c = e -MUT displays only these forms.
  10. Select a cell in the csno column.
  11. Right-click on the cell for Menu options or click the Menu button.
  12. Select Sort selected column ascending -MUT sorts the displayed forms by the key field csno .
  13. Print all displayed forms, using one of these 2 methods (1) click the Print button, or (2) select Menu > Print all rows .
  14. Open a blank MS Excel spreadsheet.
  15. Highlight the whole ddtvr column (click on the column header), select Edit > Copy selected row(s) to clipboard -MUT copies all selected rows to the clipboard.
  16. Paste the rows on the MS Excel spreadsheet, using one of the 3 methods: (1) right-click on a cell and choose Paste , (2) select Edit > Paste or (3) type Ctrl + P .
  17. Insert a row above the first row, using one of these 2 methods: (1) right-click a cell in the first row and choose Insert Row , (2) select Insert > Rows .
  18. In the first row of cells, type in the names of each column from the Edit Query Output window.
  19. Save the file as ( File > Save As ) ceqcom2_[ECPName](rtc_u=e).xls (remember where you save this file for use in another task).
  20. Select File > Exit to close MS Excel.
  21. Click Done on the Edit Query Output window to close it.
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