Equip your system with a new Alcatel-Lucent TableEquip your system with a new Alcatel-Lucent Table


Sometimes, you may need to use an Alcatel-Lucent Table that is not configured as a standard table by 3D Cellular. In this task we'll show you two different methods for obtaining the table you need. The second method requires you to have your Alcatel-Lucent documentation CD in your CD-ROM drive and have Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.


Method 1-Contacting 3D Cellular


  1. Contact 3D Cellular by e-mail or by phone and request that the pn table be provided.
  2. When 3D Cellular e-mails you the file, download the pn.tbl file and save it in the folder for MUT program, using the following path: c:\Program Files\Mass Update Tool\pn.tbl or save the file someplace you can refer to it easily.
  3. Start MUT and select an ECP from the ECP List Box .
  4. Click Lucent Tables (or Alt + L ) > Import New Lucent Tables -MUT brings up the Import Lucent Table window.
  5. Browse to find the folder and the file ( pn.tbl ) you downloaded.
  6. Double-click on it to open it-MUT imports it if the table doesn't already exist and brings up the Modify Lucent Table Fields .
  7. Check the fields against the Lucent documentation to make sure they are the same.


Method 2-Creating a New Lucent Table using the Lucent CD-ROM

  1. Start MUT and select an ECP from the ECP List Box .
  2. Click Lucent Tables (or Alt + L ) > Create Lucent Tables -MUT opens the New Lucent Table Wizard to guide you.
  3. With the Lucent CD in the CD-ROM drive, locate and open the Lucent documentation-it opens in Acrobat Reader.
  4. In the Lucent documentation's Table of Contents, locate the Executive Cellular Processor (ECP) Documents.
  5. Locate the pn Data Base Update and click on the appropriate volume to open it.
  6. In the Navigation Panel's Bookmarks on the left (if the Navigation Panel is not visible click on the icon on the toolbar to display it), locate the pn table and click on [+] on the left of the table's name to open the list of contents for the pn table.
  7. Double-click on Data Field Parameters -Acrobat Reader will take you to the page showing the Data Fields Parameters for the table you've chosen.
  8. Check off ( ô€€1 ) the View > Continuous option.
  9. Using the Text Select Tool, drag the mouse to highlight all data field parameters even if they are on more than one page (don't worry about highlighting headers and footers-MUT will discard them) and copy them to the clipboard by right-clicking your mouse and selecting Copy .
  10. Go back to Mass Update Tool and type pn for the Lucent Table Name , 16 for the ECP Release , and Ported Number Form in the Table Description box.
  11. Click Next> -MUT searches the clipboard and copies the table parameters from the clipboard into the Lucent Table Parameters box of the New Lucent Table Wizard .
  12. Verify that the table parameters are there and click Finish -MUT finishes creating the table and automatically brings up the Modify Lucent Table Fields window displaying the new pn table and its parameters.
  13. Verify all table parameters against the Lucent documentation to make sure they're identical.
  14. When you are finished, you can print the table's parameters by clicking Print .
  15. Click Done to close the window.
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