Perform an audit on Dxdroute tables


The Lucent Digit Translation Tool can perform 3 audits on Dxdroute tables. It finds the Dxdroute tables that may not exist in:

  • the DnMod Table;
  • the DPlan Table; and
  • the Rls Table.

In this example, we optimize the Dxdroute database by locating the broken links from Dxdroute to Rls.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Start the Lucent Digit Translation Tool and select an ECP in the ECP List Box.
  2. Click Dxdroute on the Lucent DTT toolbar-Lucent DTT brings up a Dxdroute Table.
  3. To enable the Dxdroute audit feature, click the local Audit button.
  4. To perform a Dxdroute to Rls audit, click the local Rls button-Lucent DTT splits the window and displays the audit results in the bottom portion of the Dxdroute window.
  5. To verify the audit result, pick an audit result (Destx = 18, Rac = 2).
  6. First, disable the Dxdroute audit feature by clicking the Audit button.
  7. Locate the table with Destination Index of 18 (Destx = 18) and Rate Center of 2 (RAC = 2) in the main grid.
  8. Verify that the Dxdroute Call Routing Type is 1, 3, 4 or 14.
  9. Pick a direct dial route index (i.e. Sw #10 and RI = 55), click the local Rls button-the Lucent DTT displays the Rls Table with the main grid filled with all Rls tables that have a route index (Ri) of 55.
  10. Look for switch identification (Sw) = 10-if it is not found, the link between Dxdroute to Rls could be missing.
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